Establishing the experience organization of tomorrow - for a strong position in the banking sector


Consorsbank finds itself in a highly competitive market in which fintechs and neobrokers have raised the bar for experience in recent years. In addition, ever shorter innovation cycles are increasing the demands on the organization.

Our approach

With our systemic approach, which includes not only design tools but also user-centric processes, mindset, and governance structures, we have transformed Consorsbank into an experience organization that is ready for the coming years. From the very beginning, the focus was on human-centered work, both for users and employees.

Christopher Nawroth

User Experience Lead, Consorsbank

"For us, customer-oriented action is the key to growth. Together with diffferent, we help our customers to shape their own future."

The result

An even more efficient, user-centered and focused innovation and product design process that provides a clear direction for the various teams and ensures that innovations are feasible, desirable, and implementable.
A design toolset that enables designers to create consistent state of the art experiences for Consorsbank. A process, including roles, to keep the design toolset up to date and continuously develop it further.

Key Insights

A design process that is at least twice as efficient as before thanks to a new toolset and enables even non-designers to implement concepts for the banking and trading of tomorrow.


  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Process design
  • Development of design toolset
  • Trainings & schools for employees

Further projects

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