Large German vehicle manufacturer

Development and establishment of effective CX management


A major German vehicle manufacturer wants to improve the experience of their customers in online direct sales and marketing interactions. The aim is to address the needs of the various target groups.
At the same time, the company is aiming to raise the brand experience to a higher level and is therefore planning to introduce effective customer experience management in this area.

Our approach

In several parallel project strands, we initially set up tailor-made tools, frameworks, and processes for the areas of insights generation and management, CX strategy, and experience design. On this basis, customer journeys and use cases were generated for various target groups, strategic fields of action were prioritized, and specific user-centric applications were designed for online sales.

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The result

  • Integration of the CXM function and the customer experience mindset into the marketing processes
  • A comprehensive set of tools, frameworks, and processes adapted to the culture and context of the client organization to optimize the customer experience
  • An enablement kit for the collaborative development of customer-centric measures
  • A comprehensive understanding of customers in various segments, their journeys, expectations, and pain points in different phases as well as the key strategic fields of action in each case
  • Development of experience principles that bring together the brand and customer perspective on the one hand, and ensure a coherent and inspiring experience as the north star of the design and evaluation of touch points on the other

Key Insights

  • 1 CX vision
  • 5 Experience Principles
  • 4 personas
  • 15 strategic fields of action
  • 27 identified use cases
  • 10 iterated and validated prototypes
  • 2 rolled-out experience measures


  • Qualitative phone interviews und quantitative validation with (potential) clients and dealers
  • Strategic personas
  • Customer experience mapping
  • Importance performance evaluation
  • Market and trend analysis
  • Co-creation-sessions
  • Wizard of Oz testing
  • Usability and concept testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Epics und user stories

New Growth

The newly created CXM function paved the way in marketing and online direct sales from a strong product and retailer focus to a more customer-centric and user-centric way of working.

The customer perspective is more systematically integrated into the decision-making process, ensuring that resources are used where they create real added value - for the business, for partners, and for customers.

The defined CX strategy indirectly also has a positive influence on an ecological level by contributing to the understanding, acceptance, and adaptation of sustainable vehicle concepts with innovative measures along the customer journey.

Further projects

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Business Partner Brand & Transformation Strategy

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