Go-to-Market-Strategy in Germany


NIO, the internationally operating company of Chinese origin for intelligent premium electric vehicles, is planning to launch its brand for mobility and lifestyle products and services throughout Europe.

To ensure a strong start in the German market, NIO wants to focus on the right customer segments, address them effectively, and build a vibrant community with them.

Our approach

A data-driven assessment and prioritization based on an established segmentation framework of the customer base.
Subsequent development of personas and a messaging framework, including guiding ideas and key messages along the customer journey for all customer segments.
Use of personas to develop community approaches as well as identify topics and actionable steps for NIO to kick-start the community building process.

Christian Wiegand

Head of User Development and responsible for marketing and communication in Germany, NIO

"In addition to the excellent results achieved in a close and co-creative exchange, I also value diffferent as a strategic sparring partner at eye level"

Ein Fahrzeug von Nio.

The Result

Our approach leads to a deep, holistic, and shared understanding of the target segments in the German market and serves as a starting point for targeting the other European markets.
The messaging framework enables NIO to communicate effectively with its target segments and, together with the community approach, sets clear guidelines and success criteria for launching and scaling the brand in the German market.
NIO has thus managed to successfully enter the German and European market and has since become one of the best-known new e-mobility players in Germany (in the relevant target group).

Key Insights

  • Definition of a new core target group, the Brand Target Group
  • Detailed description of the Brand Target Group on six dimensions
  • Development of five community formats
  • Description of five benchmarks in the context of community building in Germany


  • Development of brand target personas
  • Data-driven customer segmentation and identification of interests, lifestyle, and consumer behavior
  • Trend scouting in the context of community building
  • KPI definition incl. metrics, measures and actions

New Gowth

Entering a new market always involves high risks for a brand. Especially for companies that come from culturally different markets, building customer understanding is essential for successful market entry. Once this hurdle has been overcome and the customer has anchored the brand in their consideration set, there is a good chance that the company will be able to generate new growth.

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