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Company Innovation

What we do

We support companies in realigning themselves, optimizing their own service portfolio and innovating sustainably in order to operate successfully on the market in the long term.

The lazy eight model

Resilience through continuous reinvention

Market realities require a renegotiation of what is important and in demand.
Those who are able to recognize the topics, trends and needs of the market early on, search for their own potential and positions and then adapt their own orientation along the entire company experience are well positioned.
Successful innovation is not a one-off, temporary situation, but a continuous process that must be driven from within the organization using suitable structures and methods. We support our clients in solving these complex challenges.

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Company positioning for new market realities

We analyze the status quo, anticipate tomorrow's developments and look further into the future in order to develop pioneering innovation strategies and corporate orientations.

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Differentiating business model and portfolio innovations

Taking current technological, social, ecological and economic developments into account, we work with our clients to design forward-looking business models and define business cases and business plans. In doing so, we define targeted portfolio components, strategic partnerships and support our clients in the go-to-market.

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Connected innovation management

We create the basis for successful innovation within companies through targeted innovation processes and the development of a suitable open innovation mindset.

From strategy to implementation

The three lenses of innovation, consisting of desirability, feasibility and viability, are not enough for us to create sustainable solutions. As general contractors in the context of innovation, we turn ideas into reality by ensuring that our innovation work, from strategy to implementation, is connectable, sustainable and can be integrated into existing processes in order to have a transformative effect on our clients.

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Jean Boucsein and Elisa Müller

diffferent, Business Partner

"Company innovations need courage and the will to make decisions - especially among managers."

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Innovation Digital

New mobility services & risk mitigation for technology investments

We helped our automotive client explore the true potential of AI-based technology in the context of mobility services.