Positioning and brand building of a sustainable D2C brand


More and more private households want to use climate-friendly, alternative energies. Photovoltaic systems offer an attractive alternative for consumers due to their clean energy generation. This is why Solarwatt has set themselves the goal to become a one-stop shop for the personal energy transition by offering their consumers direct, uncomplicated access to photovoltaic and storage systems as well as charging stations & heat pumps. As a B2B brand, however, Solarwatt was not equipped for the B2C market and the D2C business.

Our approach

It is not enough to simply improve the product itself; a new emotional positioning and corresponding communication are needed to get customers excited about the brand, the service, and the products. To achieve this, the complexity of the portfolio must be reduced and the products must be communicated in an understandable and emotional way. As a long-standing and experienced company with innovative products, the Solarwatt brand is positioning itself as a pioneer in the PV sector.

Peter Bachmann

Vice President Customer Solutions, Solarwatt GmbH

"With diffferent's help, we were able to lay the foundation in the D2C business and position ourselves as a relevant and differentiating player in the market."

The result

After several months of project work, the idea became reality: The Solarwatt brand were reorganized and repositioned in the B2B and B2C markets. The digital and analog channels were redesigned and communication was organized via a media house. The Solarwatt brand is positioning itself as a pioneer in the energy and photovoltaic business and is thus picking up on its long history. One of the key components in the portfolio is the Energy Manager, which we analyzed from the brand's perspective and enhanced with future services. Looking ahead, the Solarwatt brand translates its positioning into a clear mission statement: "Powering a better tomorrow". This ambition drives all of Solarwatt's approximately 850 employees and reflects the zeitgeist of the Friday for Future generation.

The project in numbers

  • Working sessions with Solarwatt market representatives across 5 different markets to align the brand appropriately internationally
  • Consideration of 2 very different target groups (installers and customers) who want different brand experiences
  • Close cooperation with several implementation partners for CD implementation, website development and communicative roll-out


  • Comprehensive market and competitive analysis of the PV market in Europe
  • Definition of USPs and characteristics for credible, differentiating and relevant positioning of the Solarwatt brand
  • Selection of implementation service providers as part of the pitch support for CD and CI agency, media & creative agency
  • Vision talks & exchange formats with international market representatives and management level

New Growth

According to the Brand Asset Valuator
( from WPP, Solarwatt has greater brand strength and therefore greater growth potential compared to the brands considered in the German market. Competitors fall well behind the newly positioned Solarwatt in terms of brand strength. This lays the foundation for the development of the B2C market.

Further projects

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Jean Boucsein,

Business Partner Company Innovation