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22. Feb 2022

CO2 compensation in the advertising market: OWM and diffferent implement green media tool

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Berlin, February 22, 2022 - Nowadays, companies need to take a holistic approach to sustainability - including when it comes to marketing and media. Given that many CO2 emissions are simply unavoidable, a number of initiatives and concepts for offsetting media have emerged in recent years. The choice is correspondingly difficult. The Green Media Tool provides a remedy.

The overview, created by the organization Werbungtreibende im Markenverband (OWM) in collaboration with the strategy consultancy diffferent, offers marketing decision-makers and company managers a structured comparison of providers based on five categories, which makes the differences in the market offering easy to understand and shows which of the instruments they can rely on with a clear conscience.

For the green media overview, diffferent identified the most important initiatives on the market and compared them based on various criteria. The relevant content was provided by the respective providers themselves.

Susanne Kunz

Managing Director of OWM

"Sustainability is one of the top issues and an integral part of the OWM agenda. The overview of the existing CO2 compensation models created with diffferent bundles relevant information and provides orientation."

Daniel Schlee

Senior Consultant and Community of Practice Lead Sustainability at diffferent

"Avoiding or at least reducing climate-damaging activities should be the top priority. In the media sector, we need instruments that offset unavoidable CO2 emissions. However, not all offsetting is the same. We would therefore like to sensitize decision-makers to the brand- and cost-relevant differences"

Alexander Kiock


„We welcome the OWM's initiative to tackle the relevant issue of sustainability for the entire advertising and media industry. Green media is important and the right thing to do - and also contributes to our own values. After all, sustainability is one of the key drivers of new growth alongside digitalization and brand strength“

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Jana Kamm,

Managerin Corporate Communications