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20. Oct 2020

Good consumption - target groups facing climate change

Vogelperspektive auf Nadelwald

Why people are failing at sustainable consumption today. And how companies can support them on their way to greater environmental protection.

For companies, developing climate-friendly offers is not about tapping into new target groups. It is about retaining existing customers. Consumers are actively looking for partners in crime, for companies and brands that support them in acting in a climate-friendly way.

Each of us faces individual challenges when it comes to climate protection. Nevertheless, there are patterns within certain socio-demographic milieus that apply to the majority of members. For example, the Young Idealists have a shared set of values and attitudes, which means that their behavior is already relatively climate-friendly. In the same way, all members of the Precarious milieus face similar everyday challenges that make climate-friendly consumption more difficult for them.

This white paper shows where consumers are on their personal journey to more climate-friendly behavior, what hurdles they face and how companies can help them overcome them.

The most important findings:

  • People across all social classes are aware that there can be no "business as usual".
  • Every target group faces a primary hurdle. However, in order for them to act in a more climate-friendly way, they need appropriate consumption options.
  • For companies, climate-friendly offers are becoming an obligation. Their consumers are evolving. Those who do not keep pace will go under.
  • The competition is already there. If companies do not act for their consumers now, others will. That's why it's up to companies to finally move on from talking about sustainability initiatives and CO2 neutrality in 2030 to taking action.

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