What does a sustainable and user-centered e-mobility service package look like?

Zwei E-Autos, die gerade laden. Über ihnen steht ein Schild: EnBW Hyper Netz.
Zwei E-Autos, die gerade laden. Über ihnen steht ein Schild: EnBW Hyper Netz.


The e-mobility market in Germany is booming: almost one in five new cars is already an e-car. This growth market is an increasingly important business area for EnBW.
However, not only established players, but also many new competitors are conquering the market and launching new solutions. Innovative and relevant solutions positioned at an early stage are increasingly becoming a differentiating factor. The combination of solutions, i.e. putting together packages, currently (still) offers white spot potential.

Our Approach

We helped EnBW to position themselves already for the future and to learn about offer package logics and iterative product development.
Our main focus was on how to place new products, services, and product combinations on the market in a targeted and user-centered manner.

Matthias Uschmann

EnBW, Product Lead & Workstream Owner

"With our EnBW e-mobility convenience package for charging on the move and at home, we have established a successful product in the still young e-mobility market. Continuously monitoring the market and consistently focusing on customer needs is essential for successful long-term positioning."

The Result

  • Conception and roll-out of the first cross-divisional e-mobility service package
  • Setup and implementation of an iterative learning and optimization process after Go Live with national user research
  • Deriving findings and recommendations for action and designing the next expansion stages of the service package
  • Empowerment and support of an orchestrating workstream with management of a large number of product and development teams
  • Consolidation of all findings in a comprehensive final report and target group-oriented communication of the learnings within B2C sales in various formats

Key Insights

  • Gaining numerous, in-depth customer insights into offer package logics in the context of e-mobility (consolidation of 15 different research sources)
  • Reflection of the research methods used with regard to possible applications in iterative product development
  • Generation of insights at an organizational level for the further development of iterative product development in B2C sales


  • Build-measure-learn approach (blueprint for possible design of iterative product development)
  • Wide range of measurement and research methods (including qualitative interviews (potential customers, contractors, customer advisors), rapid user tests, UX analyses, quantitative sales funnel analyses, continuous customer monitoring, customer structure analysis, social media tracking, process analyses, benchmark analyses & competitor monitoring)
  • Project & stakeholder management

New Grwoth

We support organizations in taking new paths. To this end, we ensure a continuous learning process and support them in testing on the market at an early stage in order to enable a stronger user focus.
Together with EnBW, we created new growth in by opening up areas of possibility and business opportunities and transforming them into an innovative and relevant solution for a rapidly growing market. In this way, EnBW itself becomes a driver of new dynamics instead of being driven.

Further projects

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Jean Boucsein,

Business Partner Company Innovation